Gli Spumanti

Moscato Spumante

Variety: single variety Moscato Giallo.

Alcohol content: 7% vol.


Production zone: vineyards from the area south east of Treviso.


Terroir: Caranto. A prevelently clay soil derived from the break up of sedimentary rocks.


Harvest period: Sylvoz with a yield of 14,000 kg per hectare. The grapes are harvested towards the middle of September.


Vinification: destemming and low-temperature maceration for 12 hours before pressing. Cold static cleaning of the must,
followed by fermentation at a controlled temperature. Resting for several months in stainless steel containers on fine lees.


Sparkling process: following the Charmat method.


Sensory characteristics: Golden yellow in colour, with good intensity, sweet, lively, spirited, of very fine quality.
It has an unmistakable signature aroma of sage, jasmine and rose.


Food pairings: splendid with any dessert, unrivalled with creamy desserts. Highly appreciated wth wedding cakes and
rounds off any dinner with a touch of class.


Serve at 6°C in large glasses.

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