I Frizzanti

Rosato Frizzante

Alcohol content: 11.5% abv.


Variety: Raboso, Pinot Nero and Cabernet in varying percentages depending on the vintage.


Production zone: Alluvial basin of the Piave river, to the south east of Treviso.


Terroir: Mainly clay-calcareous comprising 25% sand, 50% lime and 25% clay.


Training system: Sylvoz with a yield of 16,000 kg per hectare.


Harvest period: Hand-picked into crates in late September.


Vinification: Light maceration of the stripped grapes, from 1 to 2 days. Cold setting and fermentation at a controlled
temperature of 16-17°C. Refermentation in autoclave, Charmat method, for one month before bottling.


Sensory characteristics: The Rosato is a young wine, lively and cheerful. It expresses freshness whilst keeping its fragrance; its colour is deep rose yet transparent, possessing a very fine perlage with strong, expressive aromas of
strawberry and raspberry.


Food pairings: Ideal served as an aperitif, with antipasto and fish but also just with friends.


Serve at 6-8°C in glasses with medium-sized bowls.

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