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Bianco di Ornella IGT Veneto

Alcohol content: 12,00 % vol.


Variety: Late harvest of Verduzzo with addition of Sauvignon and Traminer passiti, variable percentages depending on the year.


Production zone: Vineyards of Campo di Pietra, Piave river basin, to the south east of Treviso. 


Terroir: Caranto. Caranto is a soil which derives from the disintegration of sedimentary rock, rich in potassium and
with a good balance of clay and humus.


Training system: Guyot and short Sylvoz, yield from 6,000 to 8,000 kg per hectare.


Harvest period: For the Verduzzo grapes over-maturation on the plant and late harvesting at the end of October. For the
Sauvignon and Traminer grapes harvesting is carried out during the first ten days of September and drying continues in the drying room until the end of December.


Vinification: Pneumatic pressing of whole grape.


Maturation and ageing: Cold static cleaning of the must, followed by fermentation in small wooden barrels. The alcoholic
fermentation is halted by the cold of winter and by the high alcohol content leaving the wine with a high sugar content.


Sensory characteristics: In tonneau for approximately 24 months where it remains in contact with its own ferment. Then it spends several months in stainless steel vats, where it is clarified; finally it is aged in bottles for another year.
Golden yellow in colour, dense with a bouquet reminiscent of dried grapes and candied fruit. Sweettasting, with balanced body and excellent mellowness.


Food pairings: It is a wine for meditation, ideally suited with biscuits. Excellent with game paté and blue cheeses.


Serve at 8-10°C in small crystal chalices with long stems.


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