Moscato Spumante

Name: Moscato Spumante sparkling wine

Alcohol content: 12% abv.

Production area: vineyards in the Campo di Pietra area, south-east of Treviso.

Soil type: caranto, a basically clayey type of terrain which derives from the weathering of sedimentary rocks. Vicinity of the sea can be observed deep below the soil surface, for the high presence of sodium and fossil seashells.

Training system: Sylvoz. Yield of approximately 140 quintals per hectare.

Vintage: the grapes are harvested towards mid-September.

Vinification: destemming, cold maceration for 12 hours, pressing. Cold settling of the must followed by fermentation at a controlled temperature of 15-17° C.

Maturation and ageing: left to mature on the fine lees in stainless steel tanks for a few months. Second fermentation using the charmat method.

Organoleptic characteristics: deep golden yellow in colour; stylish bouquet with an aroma typical of moscato grapes. Sweet, lively, perky taste. Typical, unmistakeable fragrance of sage, jasmin and rose.

Suggested pairings: a splendid partner for all kinds of desserts, sublime with all kinds of creamy sweets. Extremely popular as an accompaniment to wedding cakes, a perfect end to any reception.

How to serve: at a temperature of 6° C in high-quality glasses.