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Full-bodied, round-flavoured and intense. Wines with strong character and the perfect balance between structure and fine contours.
Vite Bianca IGT Veneto Ornella Molon

Vite Bianca IGT Veneto

Fruity bouquet reminiscent of banana, with overtones of acacia honey and bread crusts, and a hint of vanilla.

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Traminer IGT Veneto Ornella Molon

Traminer IGT Veneto

Straw yellow in colour, often very full. Flowery fragrance reminiscent of roses, mature exotic fruits and also orange peel and blossom. Harmonic, full taste, mellow, savoury, aromatic and spicy.

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E’ros IGT Veneto Ornella Molon

E’ros IGT Veneto

The colour is intense red, the bouquet is full with notes of red berries, raspberry and blackberry. Mellowflavoured, lightly structured, savoury and fruity.

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Merlot DOC Piave Riserva Ornella Molon

Merlot DOC Piave Riserva

The quality of the grapes, the very close attention paid during the method of working to preserve the elegance and structural characteristics of the grape, the aging technique and the quality of the woods used...

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Vite Rossa IGT Veneto Ornella Molon

Vite Rossa IGT Veneto

Intense red in colour, tending towards pomegranate with age. The fragrance is full with notes of red berries, raspberry and blackberry. The aging lends an additional ethereal bouquet of cocoa, coffee and liquorice. The taste...

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Rosso di Villa DOC Piave Ornella Molon

Rosso di Villa DOC Piave

A deep-red coloured wine, with an intense, grapey bouquet, with mature forest fruits, coffee and chocolate, ethereal and mature with age. Dry tasting, mellow, savoury, correctly-tannic body, harmonious.

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Raboso DOC Piave Riserva Ornella Molon

Raboso DOC Piave Riserva

It is dark red in colour with pomegranate reflections. The fragrance is of forest fruit, morello cherry and spices. The taste is austere, savoury, full-bodied, which with long aging becomes velvety.

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Malanotte DOCG Piave Ornella Molon

Malanotte DOCG Piave

Opaque red with garnet red highlights. The bouquet recalls jam, bitter cocoa and prune. The flavour is austere, zesty and full-bodied becoming velvety with long refining.

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Bianco di Ornella IGT Veneto Ornella Molon

Bianco di Ornella IGT Veneto

In tonneau for approximately 24 months where it remains in contact with its own ferment. Then it spends several months in stainless steel vats, where it is clarified; finally it is aged in bottles for...

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