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Raboso DOC Piave


Grape varieties:
Single variety Raboso.
Production area and location:
Vineyards in Campo di Pietra, to the south of the Province of Treviso, influenced by the mild seas of the Adriatic 20 km away. The vineyards have an average age of over 40 years and are west-facing.
To obtain the best quality, green harvesting is practised, whereby clusters of grapes are thinned whilst still green, which ensures remaining grapes receive greater nutrition. Hand-picked into crates. Harvesting begins no earlier than mid-October and sometimes continues until early November, as Raboso is a late-maturing variety.
Classic on skins. Destemming and pressing of grapes. Maceration in wooden vats for 12-15 with daily delestage. Malolactic fermentation is developed and completed in oak barrels in the spring/summer following harvesting.
Ripening and aging:In order to label Raboso wine with the denomination of controlled origin “PIAVE”, it must be sold after at least two years of aging in small oak barrels. Ornella Molon Traverso, however, ages its Raboso for a longer period, and releases it to market after 5 years. Maturation takes place for 24 months in French oak barriques used for the second or third time, followed by 12 months in oak barrels of 50 hectolitres. The wine is then bottled and undergoes a further period of aging in bottles for 12 months.
Sensory characteristics:
It is dark red in colour with pomegranate reflections. The fragrance is of forest fruit, morello cherry and spices. The taste is austere, savoury, full-bodied, which with long aging becomes velvety.
Food pairing:
Ideal accompaniment for game, best if served with a spicy sauce; in its element with fatty foods, where the acidity cleans the palate.
Serve at 18-20°C in a wide-bowled glasses.
Alcohol by volume:
13,50% vol.
Total acidity:
6,84 g/l
Reducing sugars:
7 g/l
Total dry extract:
34,9 g/l
116 mg/l