Semi-sparkling Wines

Vivacious, delicate and aromatic. Young wines that communicate a harmonious aroma and delicate palate, thanks to their fresh taste.


Cabernet Rosato Frizzante IGT Veneto

The Rosato is a young wine, lively and cheerful. It expresses freshness whilst keeping its fragrance; its colour is deep rose yet transparent, possessing a very fine perlage with strong, expressive aromas of strawberry and…

Chardonnay Frizzante IGT Veneto

Vino dal colore giallo paglierino chiaro con perlage tenue e delicato. Il bouquet elegante ricorda la mela golden e la crosta di pane fresco. Al sapore si presenta armonico, morbido con un invitante acidità che…

Raboso Frizzante IGT Veneto

Robust, sincere and direct, Raboso is considered the local grape variety par excellence of the Piave region. When consumed young, the wine reflects the unique characteristics of the grapes it is made from: high acidity…

Verduzzo Frizzante IGT Veneto

A classic wine, golden yellow in colour, with a fine, persistent perlage. It has an intense fruity fragrance, with clear tones of almond, pear and apricot.