Early Drinkers

Refined, balanced and aromatic. Wines with a penchant for seduction thanks to their unique aroma.


Cabernet DOC Piave

This wine of great character has been put together with great wisdom to bring out the personalities of the two grape varieties. Ruby red in colour with violet reflections it has a bouquet reminiscent of…

Chardonnay Fermo

Vino dal colore giallo paglierino caratterizzato da sapori sapidi, agrumi e banana.

Merlot DOC Venezia

Ruby red in colour with violet reflections, intense perfume, slightly grassy and grapey. The taste is full, robust and dry.

Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia

L’uva si distingue per il suo caratteristico colore rosa cupreo. Vino fine ed elegante, si distingue per struttura e corpo. Il profumo spiccato di frutta è anche caratterizzato da un bouquet di fieno secco. Al…

Refosco IGT Veneto

Refosco is a red-skinned grape of great quality, its bouquet is grapey, intense, reminiscent of forest fruits, and in particular raspberries and wild blackberries. Typically tannic, with good body, and possessing a dry, persistent aftertaste.