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Raboso Frizzante IGT Veneto


Grape varieties:
Raboso Piave and Raboso Veronese.
Production area and location:
Alluvial basin of the Piave river, to the south east of Treviso.
Harvesting from mid-to late-October.
Classic on-skin maceration for 4-5 days at a temperature of 20-22°C. Devatting and pressing of the pomace and stabilisation of the base. Second fermentation in autoclave for approx. one month (Charmat short method) at a temperature of 13-14°C to bring out the aromas and freshness.
Sensory characteristics:
Robust, sincere and direct, Raboso is considered the local grape variety par excellence of the Piave region. When consumed young, the wine reflects the unique characteristics of the grapes it is made from: high acidity and fruity aromas of morello cherry and blackcurrant.
Food pairing:
An ideal accompaniment for cold meats, cheeses, pizzas, snacks and nuts.
Serve at 10-12°C in medium-height glasses.
Alcohol by volume:
11,50% vol.
Total acidity:
6,8 g/l
Reducing sugars:
24,6 g/l
74 mg/l