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Verduzzo Frizzante IGT Veneto


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Grape varieties:
Single variety Verduzzo.
Production area and location:
Piave alluvial river basin, to the south east of Treviso.
Harvesting late September.
Stripping and cold maceration in contact with skins for one night, with cleaning of the must and alcoholic fermentation.
Second Fermentation:
In autoclave for around one month (Charmat short method) at a temperature of 13-14°C to bring out the perfumes and freshness.
Sensory characteristics:
A classic wine, golden yellow in colour, with a fine, persistent perlage. It has an intense fruity fragrance, with clear tones of almond, pear and apricot.
Food pairing:
Smooth to taste, with a slight degree of tannin which sets it apart, making it very agreeable with biscuits and tarts. Coud even be enjoyed with blue and creamy cheeses, also pleasant between meals.
Serve at 6-8°C in glasses with long stems and elongated bodies to show off the fine perlage.
Alcohol by volume:
12,00% vol.
Total acidity:
5,1 g/l
Reducing sugars:
24,7 g/l
113 mg/l