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Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia


Grape varieties:
Single variety Pinot Grigio.
Production area and location:
Piave river basin, to the south east of Treviso.
Hand picked into crates at the beginning of September.
Soft pressing of the grapes, cold decanting of the must and initiation of fermentation with selected yeasts at a controlled temperature (18-20°C).
Ripening and aging:Left on fine lees for several months, thus avoiding malolactic fermentation. Further aged in the bottle before being released to the market.
Sensory characteristics:
The grape stands out for its characteristic coppery pink colour. Vinification without the skins. Refined and elegant wine which stands out for its structure and body. The distinctive fragrance of fruit is also characterised by an aroma of dry hay. The taste is decisive, full and harmonious, yet dry and of great elegance.
Food pairing:
It can be served as an aperitif, but goes well also with select risottos, fish in sauces, shellfish and white meat.
Serve at 8-10°C in glasses with long stems and mediumsized bowls.
Alcohol by volume:
12,50% vol.
Total acidity:
6,35 g/l
Reducing sugars:
2,5 g/l
111 mg/l